Audience Engagement

Engage your visitors with Timely and Relevant Content

Magnet offers online publishers and digital content providers with the following features to help them better engage their users on their website and mobile App:

Automatically Generated Summary

Allow your visitors to read more articles by enabling them to view automatically generated summaries. Best used on mobile sites and Apps.

Topically Related Articles

Magnet identifies the list of articles that are semantically related to the article you are reading along with the degree of relatedness.

Personalized Recommendations

Magnet profiles users based on the content they consume overtime and accordingly makes contextual and personalized recommendations.

Highlight Named-Entities

Allow your readers to view the most important named entities and to navigate to entity-related content.

Follow a specific topic

Increase user subscribtion by allowing your users to follow a specific subject-matter.

Meta Tags/Description

Use magnet’s automatically generated meta tags and content description to improve your site's SEO.

Follow Developing Stories

Increase user subscription by allowing your users to follow the development of any story and receive notifications/emails when new related articles are published.

Entity Listing

Magnet identifies and discovers named entities in a given text. These entities can be anything from an Company name, Award, Disease, Event, Person, Team, etc.

Entity Pages

Each entity is linked to an automatically generated page that includes a list of articles where this particular entity, with the same meaning, is a key subject - these articles are also marked as to the degree of importance of that entity.