5 Essential Technology Tools for Online News Publishers
June 21, 2019

Some of the new digital tools available to publishers today are outstanding – with a lot more coming into the market day by day. Yet, that overwhelming availability is a problem in itself – making it harder for publishers to choose and identify the optimal solution. To help out, we’ve compiled this list of tools that we believe are essential in making working lives easier, productive as well as creating more engaging content.


Chartbeat: Real-time Analytics for Newsrooms to Optimize Titles and Story Placements

Chartbeat, the content intelligence platform for publishers, empowers media companies to build loyal audiences with real-time and historical editorial analytics across desktop, social, and mobile platforms. Chartbeat helps digital publishing organizations understand what, within their content, is keeping people engaged. 

Understanding the mass volumes of data is crucial, especially when it comes to developing a content strategy & identifying trends within your target market.

Looking to increase traffic you can monetize?

LiveIntent: Using HTML Snippets in Emails to Allow Embedding of Ads in Newsletters

LiveIntent is a people-based marketing technology platform changing the way over 2,000 of the world’s largest brands and publishers think about email. The LiveIntent platform transforms email from something you send and receive into the simplest, most powerful way to resolve identity and market to people in a mobile-first world.

Newsletter advertising is a must-have, considering it is relatively low budget and highly personal. It is easy to segment and curate content based on each audience’s preferences – while monitoring performance and ensuring personalized content that your audience will surely appreciate!

Here are some tips on how to improve your newsletter performance.

Stanza: Help Your Readers Sync Your Events to Their Calendars

Stanza is calendar integration for users who wish to subscribe to their favorite events while also receiving automatic updates if any changes occur. The Add-to-Calendar button and StanzaCal can be embedded in a website, app, and email, or shared via social media. Giving your audience the ability to join in on events is essential in keeping them engaged and building loyalty.

Magnet: Automating Time-Consuming Tasks Using NLP While Increasing User Loyalty

Magnet is a publisher-specific solution that enables media and publishing brands to deliver more engaging and personalized user experiences. Magnet is used to increase pages and videos consumed per session, shape traffic to high value content and sites, help personalize newsletters and collect email addresses. Using natural language processing (NLP), Magnet is able to understand the aboutness of text in more than 100 languages and automates many of the time-consuming tasks that editors have to do, such as manually tagging articles and choosing Related Content. Magnet’s top features are:

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Follow story
  • Automated content tagging
  • Related articles
  • Topic pages
  • Personalized newsletters
  • Smart Analytics

Here’s why you should be using Artificial Intelligence for audience engagement.

Twilio: Engage Customers Through Voice, SMS, Video and Whatsapp

Twilio offers a wide range of services, but the most important service for publishers is their communications platform that gives the freedom to embed new features into existing applications, or build new applications faster with programmable APIs, as well as the ability to interact with customers on the channels they prefer at every step of their journey across marketing, operations, and customer service. Understanding the customer journey and providing value accordingly is a sure way to acquire new readers & nurture existing ones.

Source: Twilio

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