What is Klangoo NLP API?

Klangoo NLP API is a patented natural language processing (NLP) service that uses the rule-based paradigm and machine learning to recognize the aboutness of text. The service recognizes the category of the text, extracts key disambiguated topics, places, people, brands, events, and 41 other types of names; analyzes text using tokenization, parts of speech, parsing, word sense disambiguation, named entity recognition; and automatically finds the relatedness score between documents.

Using Klangoo NLP API, you can analyze text and apply the results in a wide range of applications including developing chatbots, voice of customer analysis, intelligent document search, and content personalization for web applications. The API supports more than 100 languages and offers the unique solution of relating documents in different languages seamlessly.

The service constantly learns and improves from a variety of information sources, including the huge number of publishers that use our solution daily to keep pace with the evolution of language.

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Key Topics Entity (NER) Extraction From Text Categorization Automated Summary of Text Semantic Search
Phrases WSD* Types Count WSD* Languages Scored

Yes Yes 45+ Yes 100+ Yes 100+ Languages Yes Yes

Yes No 6 No 10 Yes EN Only No No

Watson (bluemix)
Yes No 26 Yes 10 Yes 9 Languages No No

Azure (LUIS)
Yes No NA No EN Only No No No No

Yes No 8 No EN & ES Yes No No No

Why You Should Choose Klangoo NLP

A publisher-specific solution that gives you all the tools to engage readers, measure performance and automate.

GDPR Compliant
Fast & Easy Integration
Huge Name Database
Great Prices!
Smart Analytics
Reports with Publisher-Specific Metrics
Your Own Dedicated Support

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GetKeyTopics Method

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GetCategories Method

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ProcessDocument Method

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GetSummary Method

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