How Personalized Content Can Drive More Conversions?
February 24, 2022

Content marketing is critical for bridging the gap between customers and businesses and improving interaction, hence, the need for personalization. Facilities can analyze the demands of different clients and tailor content for each visitor when they incorporate personalization into their content marketing plan. 

First and foremost, content personalization is a marketing technique that tailors and adjusts a customer’s experience and communications depending on data and information gathered about them. Content personalization, if well-conceived, could form the most effective strategy to engage with both current and potential customers. Personalized content makes use of personal information about customers to build a distinct, one-of-a-kind relationship between them and your company. This information allows your algorithms to figure out who is visiting your website, following you on social media, or receiving your emails. You will also be able to know their gender, their age, where they live, and even their hobbies, thus, enabling you to connect with your customers more effectively and increase engagement.

This powerful strategy can be implemented throughout many different ways, including personalized emails, geo-location data requests, tailored discount coupons, and so on, and can be used in practically any channel, including mobile apps, websites, online ads, emails, and the list goes on. By speaking their language, reflecting their beliefs, and addressing their individual needs, concerns, and desires, personalization boosts the relevancy of your product offering to your visitor, resulting in a great improvement in your cycle of communication and interaction with your audience, and an increase in conversions.

To deliver tailored content at scale, AI through Magnet by Klangoo can be used throughout the creative value chain. Content identification, creation, dissemination, and optimization are the four pillars of the process that Magnet offers:

  • Content identification:

By automating the process of image labeling and metadata, AI goes a step further. Even photographs and videos, which are traditionally difficult to auto-tag, may be dynamically identified and reused thanks to powerful AI. Image recognition and auto-transcription, for example, have advanced to the point where detecting and organizing digital assets of all kinds and sizes is not only viable, but also accessible.

  • Content creation:

Advanced and automated AI models such as Magnet can automate processes such as transcoding and rights management, thus, allowing the creative team to focus on higher-level tasks or handle a bigger volume of work. These advanced AI models can forecast potential interruptions in the content supply chain by analyzing trends and identifying where automation may be used most effectively.

  • Content dissemination:

Media buying is one of the most spectacular applications of AI in content personalization. Algorithms are used to evaluate huge volumes of consumer data in order to measure campaign effectiveness and estimate future results, allowing marketers to reallocate budget to the most effective ad spots. Using Magnet in this way allows you to lower your cost-per-acquisition while also generating higher-quality leads.

  • Content optimization:

Using Magnet and its unique AI features will enable you to easily assemble content from a variety of digital assets. Then, through this assembled content and Magnet’s AI models, you will be able to perform proactive monitoring and fine-tuning campaigns across multiple consumer segments, thus, boosting your ROI.

To wrap it up, we can state that consumer behavior is constantly changing as the years pass by. Consumers are becoming savvier, and the virtual environment is becoming more competitive than ever. It is getting clearer that they are confronted with a broader range of purchasing options, which means that companies must focus on the experience they provide their visitors with, and recognize that their needs have evolved. As the internet has grown in popularity, there has been a huge push to increase human interaction and audience engagement levels in digital environments. Book your demo today, implement Magnet by Klangoo today, and get access to unmatched features and benefits, for you to reimagine how your content is discovered, generated, disseminated and optimized, for it to reach each targeted consumer in the best possible timing.

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