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Magnet by Klangoo helps you create a fully customized experience for your readers by providing them with timely and relevant content they truly care about. Simply, convert occasional readers into subscribers.

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    Increase user engagement and drive more conversions with Magnet

    Integrate Magnet in 3 simple steps

    Install the Magnet Widget

    digital marketing and technology solutions

    No coding skills required! You can easily add the Magnet widget on your website with a only a few clicks. Once done, you will be good to go.

    digital marketing and technology solutions

    Increase reader engagement 

    Tag your articles and categorize them by topic with Magnet’s patented Artificial Intelligence technology.

    Show your readers what they want to read at the right time. Magnet helps you deliver top quality content to your readers and create a truly unique experience for them based on the content they consume and based on their preferences to help convert these readers into paid subscribers.



    Drive conversions with Smart Analytics

    With Magnet’s Smart Analytics dashboards, track the behavior of your readers and understand their preferences in order to drive more conversions.

    Magnet offers an in-depth topical analysis of audience collective interests, your publishing stats, and ROI based on categories and names to help you adapt and optimize your content strategy to the tastes of your readers.

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