Klangoo Partners with Local Media Consortium (LMC)
October 19, 2018

Founded in 2013, the Local Media Consortium (LMC) is a strategic partnership of local newspapers, broadcast stations and digital media companies across the United States, totaling more than 75 members representing more than 1,700 digital properties. The LMC is committed to leveraging the latest technology and partnerships for increased revenue and audience growth to further the sustainability of local journalism.

The LMC provides its members with access to leading technology and content solutions by fostering partnerships and symbiotic relationships with companies such as Google, Monster, Yahoo and others. By leveraging its sheer scale, the LMC is able to provide members with tools to succeed in digital publishing that most media companies would be unable to access on their own. In turn, the LMC’s technology partners gain streamlined access to and contracts with the majority of local media companies.

Klangoo, the developer of Magnet, provides LMC members with Natural Language Processing (NLP) services that help publishers improve audience acquisition, engagement, and understanding on their websites.

By partnering with Klangoo, the LMC will enable its members to improve their audience acquisition strategies using Magnet’s NLP-based Personalized Email service, automated creation of Topic Pages that affect SEO, and its unique Follow Story/Topic/Section/Author explicit personalization feature. Magnet also offers an extensive list of engagement widgets that could be integrated on publisher sites such as: NLP-based Related Articles, Personalized Recommendations, automated content (article, video) tagging, and an extractive summary. Klangoo clients experience a surge of more than 21% in page views, more than 28% increase in the time spent on site, around 24% decrease in bounce rate, and a 32% increase in search engine driven visits, in addition to the fact that 20% of the website/app visitors became registered users.

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