Finding The Right Solution

Increase User Loyalty
Increase Engagement
(Page Views, Time Spent on Site, Pages/Session while decreasing Bounce Rate)
Increase SEO (& Search Engine Driven Visits)
Increase Newsletter Open & Click-Through Rates
(OR & CTR)
Increase Subscription Rate
Increase Video Views
Save Editor's Time
Real User Engagement

Proven Results

User engagement numbers have improved considerably with all clients employing the Magnet technology. The following numbers are averages taken over a number of clients and over a period of two years.

21% Increase in PageViews
24% Decrease in Bounce Rate
32% Increase in SEO
28% Increase Time On Site
We empower you

Publisher Services

We developed a Publisher specific solution to help automate many of the processes and improve on others.

Topic Listing

Magnet identifies and discovers named topics in a given text. These topics can be anything from a Company name, Award, Disease, Event, Person, Team.

Topic Pages

Each topic is linked to an automatically generated page that includes a list of content where this topic was a key subject. Sorted by score or date.

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Follow a specific topic

Increase user subscription by allowing your users to follow a specific subject-matter, resulting in either a mobile push or e-mail alert.

Topically Related Articles

Magnet identifies the list of articles that are semantically related to the content you are reading (+score).

Personalized Newsletters

Based on the user’s profile, Magnet curates a personalized newsletter using 16 A.I.-based algorithms.

Meta Tags/Description

Use magnet’s automatically generated meta tags and content description to improve your site's SEO.

Personalized Recommendations

Magnet profiles users based on the content they consume overtime and accordingly makes contextual and personalized recommendations.

Highlight Named-Topics

Allow your readers to view the most important named topics and to navigate to topic-related content.

Follow Developing Stories

Increase user subscription by allowing your users to follow the development of any story and receive notifications/emails when new related articles are published.

Engage Your Visitors With Timely And Relevant Content

Klangoo enables media and publishing brands to deliver more engaging and personalized user experiences. Magnet – its flagship product - is being used to increase pages and videos consumed per session, shape traffic to high value content and sites, help personalize newsletters and collect e-mail addresses. The technology is based on more than 15 years of patented research results in rule-based NLP and machine learning techniques. It supports more than 100 languages and is easy to implement.

Media and publishing brands produce significant amount of content per day - content that is published on owned websites, in apps, is being pushed to (social) channels, included in newsletters and sent out as news alerts. For consumers, the amount of content is overwhelming. It is not uncommon the same type of content can be consumed on competitor’s channels.

The Content DNA is the basis of Magnet’s personalized recommendation engine. Magnet actually uses 16 algorithms that run in an A/B testing model in order to generate the recommendations for each unique visitor. These are different for each profile. In the case of first entry, only few of these algorithms are triggered, while with more consumption, Magnet becomes more accurate in identifying each profile’s interests. Some of these algorithms used are completely semantic while others depend on other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

WYSIWYG designer

Easy, Simple Integration

Use our Publisher-Dashboard to integrate all Magnet Services using JS Widgets.

The dashboard offers an easy-to-use Widget Designer that allows you to create, brand, and change the settings on all chosen services.

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