The secret behind having a personalized newsletter that actually works
February 28, 2022

Newsletters have been an ever-present buzzword over the past 10 years in the Marketing world, and rightly so. 

For news publishers, newsletters are a valuable asset as they keep the readers engaged,increase brand loyalty, generate more leads, and increase conversions. According to a study done by LiveIntent, publishers are seeing  revenue surges of 103% from email newsletters.

Well-written newsletters can be a great way to boost engagement and revenue,however,the lack of interesting content and the volume/frequency are the two main reasons for unsubscribing from newsletters in the U.S.  

It is a common practice to send regular newsletters to all of your subscribers without overwhelming them, therefore, it is important to avoid stale and boring newsletters with random content as this can instantly drive subscribers away, resulting in lower open rates and higher unsubscribe rates. 

How can you make your newsletters more engaging?

Long gone are the one-newsletter-fits-all days, personalization is key.

Successful personalization is all about identifying the short term and long term interests of your readers in order to deliver content that will truly be adding value to them. This will allow you to ensure that your readers are not receiving duplicate or irrelevant content, and most importantly, that they are actually consuming your content.

Explicit personalization is a common practice where the content is adapted to specific criteria based on known data points such as specific preferences the user has indicated or opted-into. However, with the huge amounts of data that Publishers are dealing with on a daily basis, explicit personalization might not be enough.

That’s where Implicit personalization comes into play. Collecting user data in a timely manner and transforming it into clear actionable insights will allow you to understand the digital body language of your readers and optimize user experience at scale based on user behavior. Implicit personalization will ensure that the content is constantly being adapted to the preferences of your website visitors and subscribers. Therefore, having a powerful algorithm that constantly learns and updates is key.

While this process does look very complex, access to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence has made this process become achievable and Publishers are now required to stay ahead of the curve.

AI supporting Publishers

The ultimate recipe for success in 2022 and beyond is to invest in technologies that help automate processes and personalize the reader experience, thereby reducing costs and eliminating manual work while increasing click throughs and reader satisfaction.

A growing number of  publishers worldwide are acknowledging the importance of leveraging A.I. and emerging technologies to track user behaviors and deliver a customized experience with relevant content based on reader preferences.

Magnet, our AI-based solution, allows you to do just that and so much more.

And with more than 16 algorithms that have been developed and tested on billions of actual user views, Magnet is the ideal ready-made solution for Publishers to take their content strategy to the next level and increase brand loyalty without having to make a hefty investment in technology.

Final Thoughts

Having an effective content strategy means having the right information at the right time, and having it tailored toward your users. Readers today expect to get personalized content delivered directly to their inbox.

Using Magnet, Publishers can automatically track user preferences on their websites, and curate the perfect newsletter content personalized to the tastes of each user.

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