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Matthew Costa

Director of Digital Operations, WEHCO Media

"We’ve been really happy with the accuracy of the related and recommended content Klangoo surfaces. So much so that our newsrooms are comfortable letting Klangoo select related content and have moved away from hand picking relevant stories to appear online. We’ve seen a healthy uptick in traffic that we attribute back to Klangoo recommendations. About 8-10% of page views are attributed to Klangoo referrals and pages/session and session duration is sometimes 2-3X our sites average."

Anthony Robinson

CDO, Independent Online

"By adding personalized recommendations and content clustering Magnet helped IOL to increase pages consumed per session and decrease bounce rate significantly."

Caryn Little

Digital Content Director

"WCCB, Charlotte’s CW has seen significant increases in organic traffic on our website since we implemented Magnet. The Magnet team helped us increase our SEO and the results are paying off as our advertisers are pleased with our month to month growth."

Vinyak Rao

Senior Director, Digital Consumer Products, Postmedia

"We have been using Klangoo’s recommended and related widget solution on our flagship news products (National Post and Financial Post) for over 6 months now. Klangoo’s solution is flexible, easy to use, reliable, and has helped improve user engagement on our sites. Eddy and Marc are patient, persistent, knowledgeable, and have been available at all times during our engagement, it’s been a pleasure thus far."

Rabih Saadeh

General Manager, LUBNAN24

“Magnet has been our cornerstone in terms of improving our website’s engagement and completely automating article tagging. But the most exciting feature in my opinion was the “Personalized Recommendation Rules Engine”. It allowed our editorial team to use the best personalization technology along with their direct input - based on their internal strategy - to affect what is being displayed to our users.”

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Magnet, our flagship product dedicated to the Publishers Industry, has helped many orgnaizations increase audience engagement, save time and increase conversions

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