Newsroom Software to Transform your Publishing Business into a Lead Generation Machine

Get started with Magnet’s newsroom software. Increase user engagement and user loyalty, perfectly optimize your website for SEO, increase subscription rate, and more by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

generate more leads using Magnet’s newsroom software

user loyalty

Show your readers the right content at the right time in the right place and turn them into loyal users. Automatically deliver highly personalized content, show recommended stories, and send personalized newsletters based on users’ preferences, show related articles, and add topic pages to enhance user experience. 


Increase page views and time spent on site and decrease bounce rate by displaying related articles, showing personalized and recommended content, adding topic pages, personalizing newsletter, and allowing users to follow a specific story, topic, or author.


Increase your news website’s SEO & Search Engine Driven Visits with automated tagging, topic pages, and personalized newsletter. Magnet is the ultimate software to optimize your newsroom’s Search Performance.

Increase Newsletter
Open & click-through rates

Instantly increase CTR and OR and boost your email marketing by sending personalized newsletters – Magnet automatically tracks users’ preferences based on their  behavior and curates the perfect newsletter content for each user.

Subscription rate

Optimize the reader experience through highly personalized content and instantly turn occasional readers into loyal subscribers.

Increase Video

Show related videos and deliver personalized and recommended content based on the reader’s behaviors and preferences.

Save Editor’s


Save your editor’s time by leveraging artificial intelligence in media – automatically send personalized newsletters, show related articles, and tag content to reduce the time your editors spend on these tasks by up to 100%.

Magnet supports Global publishers and newsrooms 

Magnet helps Publishers from around the globe to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and optimize their processes in order to achieve their business goals.

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