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Klangoo and Softimpact are joining forces together, aiming at
ensuring a state-of-the-art audience engagement solution for
publishers through Klangoo’s Magnet.

Not Your Usual Content Management System!

We’re happy to announce our partnership program between The Wall 360 by Softimpact and Magnet by Klangoo. This fruitful partnership will bring to life a plethora of key features full of flexibility, helping clients manage their website perfectly while meeting and even exceeding customer satisfaction.


The Wall 360 by Softimpact

Revamped Clients Through Magnet’s Unmatched features!

Through Magnet’s diversified bouquet of features, including Related Content, Personalized Recommendations, and Automated Topic Page Creation, The Wall 360 by Softimpact succeeded in offering Alsumaria TV, Motorshow, and Lebanon24 out of the box audience engaging capabilities that boosted their customer satisfaction while increasing their editorial team’s efficiency!


Truthful Testimonials From
SoftImpact’s CEO

“Thanks to the outstanding features offered by Magnet, we are now able to ensure our publishers’ satisfaction and loyalty through saving them time, increasing their conversions and boosting their readers’ engagement. Klangoo’s solution guaranteed our clients a competitive position in an ever-evolving market”

Robert Sayegh
Softimpact CEO

Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss!

The Wall 360 by Softimpact and Magnet by Klangoo are distinguished by a range of invaluable values and benefits:

Through the full product offering and Klangoo’s features, customer satisfaction will be guaranteed

Thanks to the partnership between both parties, client referrals are always made, in order to acquire new markets/industries or grow in existing ones

Klangoo offers Magnet and its full range of customizable features to increase engagement and takes full responsibility for the updates and fixes, thus, leaving Softimpact hassle-free

Both parties vetted each other’s technology to ensure publishers’ satisfaction with every new engagement

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