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Klangoo’s Current Investors

Although Klangoo was established in Silicon Valley as a Delaware company, its founding team saw Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), a VC firm based in the MENA region, as a partner that can help them grow with the complete support along the way. And MEVP did not disappoint, after taking over the whole Seed Round in 2014 ($1.5M), MEVP invested in Klangoo’s Series A in 2016 too ($2.5M). It also helped in securing a small round in 2021 to help support the operations during the pandemic years from IM Capital, another leading MENA region investment group ($720K).


“Klangoo has hit every milestone in its growth strategy. It all started with proving the value of its patented technology, the usability and accuracy of its paradigm, and the ability of its technical founders to grow into executives.
Along its journey, Klangoo team proved to be resilient in the most difficult of times. Sustaining the business during pandemic years, protests and upheavals, financial crisis, and even crumbling early target market.
Klangoo grew and shrunk its staff and operations many times to survive and continue to grow its services and support its expansion plans.
We have a great team that is always learning and achieving beyond anyone’s expectations. We have great patented, market-proven technology. And we have great products and services that have a direct market fit.
All in all, we know that Klangoo will continue to grow with the support of our current investors and the new ones that we are sure to find along the way.”

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Eddy Touma | Klangoo CEO

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