Klangoo expands into SE Asia with its Media-specific AI product

June 14, 2022

(NJ, USA) KLANGOO, developer of the Magnet for Publishers, Audience Engagement Solution for Media, has now expanded its service into Southeastern Asia. This growth allows the company to penetrate a new market and reach a larger audience to assist publishing companies during the unstable times the industry is facing.  It also highlights the importance of the partnership Klangoo has with Layout International.

The Manila Times of the Philippines implemented Magnet, which primarily assists publishers in increasing their advertising revenues using engagement and personalization services based on patented Artificial Intelligence technology. The ultimate goal of Magnet for Publishers is to affect the number of loyal customers of the news website to secure more subscribers while providing a better user experience. 

“South East Asia was always on our radar, and with the help of our partners at Layout International we managed to achieve the first milestone on this journey. Working with The Manila Times team was a pleasure. They are laser-focused with goals similar to their peers in North America. Looking forward to expanding our footprint further in SE Asia and to a long fruitful relationship with Layout’s team.” said Eddy Touma, CEO of Klangoo.

While Dante “Klink” Ang 2nd, Chairman and CEO of The Manila Times stated: “The Klangoo team was very helpful. They do a thorough analysis before recommending which services to use and how to phase in everything for best results. We already see the value of Magnet in removing all the manual work and helping us gather more contacts from our loyal base.” 

As for Jean-Michel Habis, CEO of Layout International, he expressed his satisfaction in achieving this partnership: “working with Klangoo is strategic for both parties. In integrating their Magnet for Publishers solution with NewsPublish they get to cover new markets, while our focus is on offering an added-value service to our clients in these markets. Because we work closely with our clients, and we are well aware of their needs, we were sure Magnet would be a perfect fit.”

Klangoo and Layout International are also seeking to implement their combined solutions in the different and vast markets where both companies are present.

About Klangoo

Klangoo is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology provider that offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) services to a wide range of industries. Magnet for Publishers is its main product catering to the Media and Publishing industry. It is based in Hoboken, New Jersey with offices in the Middle East and Tbilisi, Georgia.

About The Manila Times

The Manila Times is a national daily in the Philippines, publishing both print and digital editions. The paper also offers video and audio content on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. The Times is a news source of choice and was founded in October 1898.

About Layout International

Layout international meets the growing technological needs in the market by providing highly customizable enterprise solutions. We serve more than 200 clients, supplying them with cutting-edge technology to improve the way they work. Our expertise in a vast array of industries and steady market growth have been acknowledged by the most prestigious companies.

Published on einpresswire: Klangoo expands into SE Asia with its Media-specific A.I. product

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