Klangoo FinTech Challenge Winners Announced

August 08, 2022

17 teams representing 10 countries participated in the Klangoo FinTech Challenge. MS, Undergraduate students along with professionals working in the A.I. field.UNITED STATES, August 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — KLANGOO, a developer of a patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) API, announced the winners of its first Fintech Challenge that was concluded on August 5, 2022. The challenge followed the theme: “Where can NLP be used most effectively in a FinTech solution?”.

Seventeen teams representing 10 countries (Belgium, France, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Spain) participated in the event. The participants included Masters and Undergraduate students along with professionals working in the A.I. field. The Klangoo FinTech Challenge judges then chose 6 teams to present their solutions live for a chance to win $5000 in cash along with many other valuable prizes.

The six teams that reached the final stage were the following:
– Tech Brothers
– Social Media Insights
– F.A.S.T.
– A-cubed
– SP-0100.
Each presented for 5 minutes and took questions from the judges for another 3 minutes. The judging committee included:
– Dean Sivara, VP of Innovation at SAP
– Jad El Boustani, Managing Partner at MEVP
– Christophe Zoghbi Founder of Zaka.ai
– Johnny Azzi, CTO and Co-founder of Klangoo
– Eddy Touma, Co-founder and CEO of Klangoo

At the end of the final online ceremony, Eddy Touma thanked the participants and the judges for being part of such a successful event that introduced the Klangoo NLP API to a wider community of developers and entrepreneurs. He also added that since the teams scores were very close, it was hard for the judges to decide a clear winner, so three prizes were announced:
– Eddy Touma announced the third-place winners which went to “Tech Brothers” represented by Rachad Lakis (MS at USJ) and Hussein Hazime (System Engineer at AI Directions), who developed a Stock Price Predictor/Indicator using Klangoo NLP API as a core technology.
– Jad El Boustani then announced the second-place winners: “A-cubed” represented by Ngoh Rodney, Samantha Mavunga, and David Kwesi (all from Ashesi University, Ghana) who used the Klangoo NLP API to develop a User Feedback Management system.
– Dean Sivara announced the first place winners: the “F.A.S.T” team, represented by Silvana Yakhni (LAU) and Hadi El Yakhni (LU/ULB) who also developed a stock price prediction solution.

Congratulations F.A.S.T. team on the win!.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Touma announced that Klangoo will be doing more of these challenges. He emphasized the importance of such events to encourage students and young professionals to explore the endless use cases of NLP technology while giving them the chance to explore the entrepreneurial lifestyle for a month.

About Klangoo
Klangoo is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology provider that offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) services as an API catering to a wide range of industries. Klangoo’s main solution on the market today, is the Magnet for Publishers solution, catering to the Media and Publishing industry.
Klangoo is based in Hoboken, New Jersey with offices in the Middle East and Tbilisi, Georgia.

Eddy Touma

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Klangoo NLP
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