Local Media Consortium to Use Klangoo AI to Grow Audience & Improve Engagement Across Its Members’ Digital Properties

October 18, 2018

LMC members are now able to improve the acquisition, engagement & understanding of their audience using innovative Artificial Intelligence

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Klangoo, an established Artificial Intelligence (AI) company and the developer of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and services, today announced a new partnership with the Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic alliance of leading local media companies. Klangoo’s “Magnet” product is designed to improve audience acquisition and engagement and provide better analytical understanding of audiences for publishers.

By employing Magnet’s NLP-based Personalized Email service, automated creation of Topic Pages, and its unique Follow Story/Topic/Section/Author explicit personalization feature, the LMC will enable its members – which include more than 75 local media companies representing more than 1,700 newspaper, broadcast and digital titles – to improve audience acquisition and engagement.
“Thanks to Klangoo, our members’ more than 172 million monthly unique visitors who access more than four billion pages of content each month will have access to unique Artificial Intelligence-based services that improve their user experience, and directly fit within our members’ current audience growth and engagement strategies,” said Fran Wills, CEO of the Local Media Consortium. “As media companies are increasingly challenged to compete for clicks with social media networks, video platforms and news aggregators, Magnet tools help them by quickly and effectively boosting user loyalty.”
Magnet has proven to enrich the mobile and web user experience translating into indirect increases in content monetization. Current Magnet clients have experienced a surge of more than 21 percent in PageViews, more than 28 percent in time spent on site, around 24 percent decrease in bounce rate, and a 32 percent increase in search engine driven visits, in addition to the fact that 20 percent of the website/app visitors became registered users.
Magnet also offers an extensive list of engagement widgets such as NLP-based Related Articles, Personalized Recommendations, automated content (article, video) tagging, and an extractive summary. Magnet also offers publishers a “Smart Analytics” dashboard providing in-depth data about user’s reading habits, audience collective interests and value on an ROI basis.
“With our new partnership with the Local Media Consortium, we’re empowering more local media companies with patented A.I. services to improve their readers’ journey on their websites and keep them updated on stories they enjoy via personalized, non-intrusive email alerts,” said Eddy Touma, CEO of Klangoo. “Magnet has for the past four years delivered the highest click-through-rates engagement services which directly translated into increased monetization of content assets for its publisher clients.”

About Klangoo
Klangoo is the developer of the “Magnet for Publishers” Audience Engagement Solution. Magnet is a cross-lingual contextual-based Audience Engagement Solution that helps publishers and content aggregators attract new visitors to their website and retain the existing ones. More information is available at https://klangoo.com

About Local Media Consortium
The Local Media Consortium is a strategic partnership of leading local media companies focused on increasing member companies’ share of digital revenue and audience by pursuing new relationships with a variety of technology companies and service providers. The LMC was founded in 2013 to address the needs of advertisers seeking to reach high-quality audiences on brand safe local digital properties at scale. In addition, the LMC provides members with access to leading technology and content solutions by fostering key partnerships with companies including Google, Monster, Yahoo and others. LMC membership encompasses more than 75 local media companies in top markets across the United States and Puerto Rico, and includes more than 1,700 publications. The LMC audience footprint currently spans 172 million unique monthly visitors and its member companies serve more than four billion pageviews to readers. More information is available at www.localmediaconsortium.com.

Published on einpresswire: Local Media Consortium to Use Klangoo A.I. to Grow Audience & Improve Engagement Across Its Members’ Digital Properties

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