Is Artificial Intelligence Bad For Your Online News Website?
October 2, 2019

AI is not just good for your online news website; it’s a must. While AI does a lot of good in our modern world, there comes, of course, a lot of negative sentiment along with it. Many people assume that the jobs that humans now do will be taken over by machines. The truth is many other jobs will be created, that will in turn require new education and training programs. Most important, AI will relieve humans of many menial jobs, freeing people and communities to invest in more useful and productive activities. In short, if your business doesn’t adopt AI, you will risk being left behind. So, how will AI specifically benefit online news publishers? 

Know Your Goals

All successful businesses have a clear strategy as to what they want to achieve, what problems they need to solve, how they want to improve, and where they want to be in their short/long term future. All online news websites should develop a clear AI strategy that integrates within the overall business strategy. Making processes more intelligent frees your employees’ time to do more value-adding tasks, allows you to deliver tailored content to your readers, and helps efficiently organize and manage content across various platforms. What publisher wouldn’t want all that? The following are some specific AI tools that Magnet offers, previously mentioned in our blog article, “Why You Should Be Using AI: Customer Acquisition & Engagement”.

Time Saving Tools

Instead of focusing on what they do best, i.e. writing, editors are wasting a lot of time over manual tagging of articles. AI tools complete tasks automatically carried out by computers and algorithms, rather than humans, therefore saving time and minimizing errors.  Specifically, Tagging Articles and picking out Related Articles & Stories can now be done by an AI system with high accuracy.

Intelligence Tools

Smart AI tools give you deep insights, helping you understand your audience’s current habits and predict what will work in the future. For example, what subject or issue would intrigue my readers more? Or, would an article about X or Y capture my readers more? Only AI tools can answer such questions efficiently and fast. Any other way and you might end up with the wrong answers, too bad and too late.

So, have no fear of the AI age. Like all technologies, AI will not replace humans; rather it will enhance processes, ease burdens, and customize experiences. That means success for businesses and end-users alike.  

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