How Magnet® Smart Analytics Can Help Build Your Content Strategy
December 4, 2019

When people think content, they often think creative. But in reality, great content is a blend of both creativity and data. A data-driven content strategy is more efficient as it saves time, money, and effort by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Magnet® Smart Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) and Adobe Analytics (AA) have always been to go-to tools to understand general website KPI’s such as Page Views, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate, and Returning Visitors. But nowadays, these metrics have proven to be of lesser value to publishers.

Subsequently, Klangoo created the editorial-specific Magnet® Smart Analytics (MSA) which offers in-depth topical analysis of your publishing and consumption, allowing your team to automatically find answers hidden deep within your data.

How can it help?

Through its comprehensive dashboard, MSA provides in-depth data about audience collective interests, your publishing stats, and ROI based on categories and names. MSA can you help you answer questions such as:

  • How many articles about Donald Trump did we publish this month?
  • Which company coverage got the highest number of views on our website this year?
  • Which political group news on my website is more interesting to Facebook Mobile users?


Category-based reporting uses the automatically identified categories of each content published in order to provide a high-level statistical collection of your website visitors readership habits and your editorial team’s publishing ones.

Each content piece can be automatically categorized into one or more categories depending on main topics discussed. The automatic categorization process is based on Klangoo’s patented NLP technology and, thus, does not require or rely on any keywords, but rather on semantic processing of content.

Magnet default categories are: Politics, Sports, Law Enforcement, Business, Entertainment, Health, Technology, Science, and General.

published vs consumed vs avg page views
Figure 1: Sample Category Report showing a comparison per category of Published vs. Consumed in % for the selected period


Knowing that the majority of subjects of interest people read about can be boiled down or related to Names of things, this dashboard allows you to dissect your views and published content based on these names to identify:

  • Main types of names of interest. For example: political parties, political figure, political events.
  • Main Names of interest. For example: Donald Trump, iPhone, Games of Throne, Ebola virus, etc
  • Outliers during a period of time. For example: there could be certain articles that received huge number of views and that do not belong to a particular type of news you usually publish about. One example is evergreen type of articles, or even an article about a historical figure. Such examples provide new insights you never thought you should consider. Ex: Elvis Presley, World War II, a particular homicide victim or criminal, etc

Magnet identifies 45 top-level types of Names, 100s of secondary level types, and 1000s of leaf-level types of Names. For example: People > Athlete > Basketball Player > Shooting Guard

published vs consumed entities
Figure 2: Sample Names-based report showing Top 20 Published vs. Consumed People Names based on Pageviews generated

Better targeting with filters:

MSA reports have many filters that allow you to understand your audience better. For example, you can use the “Referral Channel” filter to see how readers reached your website and leverage this data for ad targeting. Also, you can filter based on device preference to better optimize your content’s format (for example: mobile-first), and finally you can also filter by language in case you publish content in many different languages.

Click here to view a sample use case

To conclude, MSA is a tool that every publisher should use to understand audiences, create a data-driven content strategy, and customize reports to gain better insights. Get in touch today to learn more about this tool. Email us:

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