Guest Post: Understanding The Role of Video Content in Digital Marketing
February 5, 2020

In today’s digital age, there are numerous marketing techniques (such as videos, blogs, ebooks, etc.) that are commonly used by organizations to rank their business #1 on Google searches.

Choosing a good strategy will not only help showcase your brand, but also helps to engage the laziest visitors.

Whether you are a marketing pro or just landed in the business world, enhancing the business over the web should be the primary focus. Studies show that there will be approximately 2.05 billion global digital buyers in the year 2020. 

From all the different marketing strategies available today, 63% of the organizations prefer using videos, out of which 82% realized that it is an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

If you are reading this article, you might be pondering over whether you should use videos as your marketing strategy or not. Is it the best way to remain competitive? Well, no worries! You will get a clear insight into the importance of video content in digital marketing.

Need for Video content in Digital Marketing

Let’s get started..

1- Multiply Your Conversions

Converting anonymous visitors into leads and then into promoters is not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, you can enhance your conversion rate and sales by uploading engaging and informative videos.

According to the research conducted by Wyzowl, 81% of the organizations believe that explainer videos help them increase sales. Do you know why? Explainer videos include engaging visuals and infographics that are easily transmitted into the individual brand as compared to blogs or other content. 

So, if you want to increase user engagement and compel them to make a purchase, then it’s the right time to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy.

2- Show Up First On Google

Most of the organizations are struggling to be at the top. Are you sailing in the same boat? If yes, then you need to understand the importance of adding compelling and educational videos in digital marketing. 

Google loves videos, and its high-quality content creates wonders in optimizing web pages. According to Moovly, websites that include videos are 53 times more likely to show up first on google.

So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition and want users to visit your website first, then you should create short and unique explainer videos. This will not only increase the time spent by the visitors, but will also improve your website search engine rank.

Hot tip – whenever you want to create an optimized video, try to incorporate engaging titles and exciting descriptions. It will help you in creating SEO optimized videos and generating more leads.

Excited to rank your site at the top? Start creating awesome video content.

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3- Boosting ROI 

Want to hype up your business revenue? Streamline your video content today by incorporating high quality videos.

Approximately 83% of the companies observed good ROI by using video content in digital marketing. Video production is the easiest way to provide interesting and useful information, and today you can get it done at a lower cost than ever with the wide variety of tools available.

If it’s your first attempt and you don’t have expertise in creating appealing videos, then fear not! You can download video editing software or consult video editing companies through many online freelance services websites. They will help you to grab people’s attention and reach business goals easily.

Source: animatedvideo

Thus, try maintaining the quality of the videos to spread your brand awareness and business productivity.

4- Generate Trustworthy Relations 

Having a video creates a personal connection with your website’s visitors.
It’s a given that without trust, it is challenging for organizations to increase conversions and sales. So, the companies that are successful in building audience trust and maintaining transparency can take their business to the next level.

Now, the point is how to ignite the emotions and trust of the audience. Videos are a powerful way to promote and put trust in your brand. Around 57% of the people say that after watching a video over the internet, they get more confidence to purchase the product/service. 

Therefore, you should not focus on being too pushy or promotional, let your services speak for themselves, and build long term relationships.

5- Stronger Mobile User Engagement 

In this digital era, no one can imagine the world without a mobile phone and videos; both go hand in hand. Around 90% of people love watching videos on mobile phones, and this number will gradually increase every year. 

As video content is trending, it can help you grow more traffic and revenue. According to Google Analytics, people are 1.4X more likely to watch ads on their devices. The increase in the number of mobile videos means an enhancement in web traffic and better brand awareness. Also, 98% of people watching videos on their mobile phones will share entertaining videos with others. 

So, if you also want to build a personal connection with your mobile users, then uploading video content is the best way to engage the number of smartphone users.  

6- Explain Everything Clearly

It’s not just about creating high-quality videos, but also about having educational videos that are easy to understand. It not only helps users to understand the product at a glance, but also allows the companies to boost their business productivity.

Indeed, visual content generates strong engagement from target users. Most of the organizations face challenges, especially while providing new services/products. But, videos do it all for you. Starting from attracting visitors to explaining the product in detail so that visitors can make an informed decision.

There are around 98% of the users who get an opportunity to learn more about the product after watching an explainer video. Always remember, the better the understanding, the higher the sales. Thus, start availing the benefits of videos that are the perfect combination of simplicity, entertainment, and nostalgia. 

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7- Encourages Social Shares

Source: position2

Online presence is very important for the enhancement of business productivity. Have you ever thought that social sharing can improve your online presence? The answer is a big YES! More the number of shares, the higher the business growth.

According to Wordstream, videos shared over social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. generate 1200% more shares as compared to images and text.

Creating fun, entertaining videos will not only increase your social sharing and brand awareness, but will also improve your marketing ROI.

In a Nutshell

Video marketing is the most impactful form of marketing today, and it’s here to stay. It offers your visitors an entertaining yet informative insight into your products and helps them make informed decisions leading to a purchase.

The above-mentioned points are enough to explain why 85% of the organizations prefer using video content in their marketing strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to create game-changing content in the digital world.

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