How mid-sized publishers can leverage AI to increase audience engagement
April 27, 2022

More and more online news websites are incorporating an AI agenda in their business strategies for its many benefits. While enterprise-level publishers are more capable to handle the changes and the threats that are facing the industry, mid-sized and smaller publishers are at a crossroads and worry that these changes are widening the gap between big publishers and them. But AI has proven itself as an essential tool for mid-sized publishers. How?

With mid-sized publishers’ restricted budget to hire a big team, AI is increasingly becoming a crucial aspect of modern publishing firms, and it may aid on a variety of levels, from improving discoverability through accurate keywords to assisting in the optimization of marketing and sales plans. AI can also automate complex operations, like discovering comps, reducing the effort to a matter of minutes.

Instead of having editors waste time over manually tagging articles, or getting insights on top subjects, an AI system could easily do that with extremely high accuracy. Making processes more intelligent will free employees’ time to do more value-adding tasks and better reporting for a higher return-on-investment. 

On top of that, the emergence of online news reporting has shifted the way this industry operates and is starting to veer more towards a subscription-based membership instead of relying on ads. With this premium price, consumers are expecting personalized recommendations and homepages – a key to drive more conversions and to increase brand loyalty. Profiling tools, provided by Klangoo’s Magnet, would watch website users, learn what they enjoy on an individual basis, and recommend which material they should see next.

Topic Pages, on the other hand, are pages that list all of the information you’ve previously written about a specific subject. 

Mid-sized can’t afford to lose subscribers and want to acquire new ones so AI makes it easy to initiate automated audience acquisition through personalized newsletters and follow story options.

  • Newsletters: Readers explicitly subscribe to receive the content they are interested in and newsletters are one of the most effective strategies for obtaining loyal visitors and creating new fresh views on a regular basis. AI makes it extremely easy for publishers to send the readers what they want and yield a significant and positive return-on-investment in this. 
  • Follow story: This option would make it possible for readers to add their emails and follow a specific topic or story of interest. Once there is new content related to this followed topic, readers will receive emails and phone notifications which can lead them to go online and read them. This is easily created automatically using Algorithms that recognize and rank subjects based on their value in context.

Solutions exist that can benefit mid-level publishers in all aspects. Out-of-the-box tools, such as Magnet, are dedicated to publishers and can be the answer. Magnet is now assisting publishers with cost savings, increased marketing efforts, and a better understanding of content. Furthermore, publishers who have adopted Magnet have gained a competitive technical advantage, allowing them to increase income while freeing up time for other vital operations. Magnet is built with publishers in mind and doesn’t require technical experience to implement cutting-edge solutions that will take news websites to the next level and increase audience engagement with a high ROI.

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